A world-famous band is looking for 4 military couples to feature in a project

(Photo: US Marines, Cpl. Mackenzie Gibson)

Saying goodbye is one of the hardest–and most iconic–parts of being in a military relationship. Anyone who has stood on the tarmac or at a bus station or in a parking lot simultaneously wishing for more time and to get it over with knows the gut-wrenching pain of the last kiss, the last touch, the last words before the inevitable separation. And now, Pulse, an independent film company that specializes in documentaries and music videos wants to honor that sacrifice through a short documentary project for an internationally known band (although, for the time being, they’re keeping the name of that band under wraps).

Pulse is currently looking for four real-life military couples as they say goodbye for either a deployment or extended training within the next four weeks. The documentary team will film each couple for 24 hours before and including the departure. Only one member of the couple needs to be in the military, and couples from all branches are encouraged to apply.

Through a press release, Pulse explains that the short film will highlight a universal theme: “. . . That we are fortunate to share our lives with the people we love, and that in the moments we say goodbye, we truly feel how profound that love is.”

Pulse has produced music videos for groups such as Radiohead and Mumford & Sons, worked with brands like British Airways and Royal Caribbean, produced content for channels like the BBC, ITV, and MTV, and recently had a project, All These Sleepless Nights, named one of the top 25 documentaries of the 21st century by IndieWire.

Filming for the project must take place within the next four weeks. Interested military couples should email shortlovedoc@gmail.com with:

  • Name
  • Location
  • A brief description of the couple
  • A brief description of the situation
  • A few recent pictures of the couple

Those who participated will be compensated for their involvement. Pulse notes that “we understand and respect OPSEC/PERSEC. You need only submit information you are comfortable disclosing at this time. All information submitted will remain confidential.”

By J.G. Noll


  1. So I don’t want to be part of this and I think it is cool but ladies please stop posting it in the comments for everyone to see . It is a safety risk when you do that ever one can see it. the contacted info is at the bottom of the article. You put not only your solider at risk but everyone who is with him. For example I now know we have people leaving in August if I can see that so can other people. It is against policy to post that kind of information on a public forum like that. Please edit it comments .

    1. Thankyou so much for saying this Rose. Ladies please stop posting this and follow the rules of the email address. Your putting your soldier and other soldiers at risk. Geessshhh common sense is not so common these days

  2. While I think this project sounds nice, may I ask you to be very careful with how much information you give out. As a wife of a retired veteran who served 30 years, the privacy & protection of our military members & their families is of utmost importance. I was a military wife for 28 of those 30 years, I have seen & experienced many things. Just please be careful.

  3. Every one of you that posted OPSEC needs to change your comments immediately. Follow the directions in the article. If you don’t know what OPSEC is show your comment to your spouse and all then to explain this to you. You’re putting people in jeopardy.

  4. My husband and I have been married for almost 3 years. Been together since middle school!
    Many ups and down with him being in the military. He just came back from a 7 month long deployment.
    He’s been back for 9 almost 10 months.
    That being said, we welcomed our first baby July 1st.
    We would loved to be selected!

  5. My husband I met through eHarmony and I never thought that I would find my soulmate/bestfriend through a dating site.We have three beautiful children our oldest is 7 with Down Syndrome, next we have a 5 year old and finally our two year old! We have been married for almost 6 years. Currently he’s pscing overseas for a year and this will be the second time since we’ve been married!

  6. Opsec violation you can not post were they are going and when on any social media/ public forum.

  7. So many of you are breaking OPSEC it’s blowing my mind! This is a public forum. I sincerely hope that those who are breaking OPSEC, putting your family and others at risk are NOT chosen for this!

  8. Your not suppose to be posting times and locations. Also it said email them the info!!!!! Not posting it on social media!!!!!!

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