These 10 awesome photos show sides of the military the news ignores

We’ve seen the iconic photos: gunfire, explosions, huge vehicles. We know the stories behind them, the landscapes, the grimacing faces under helmets. And we’re a little saturated by them after more than a decade and a half of constant war.

But there are other photos–other stories– about the military that don’t always hit the headlines. They’re quiet stories of community and honor, of legacy and connection. We’ve collected a few of those photos that show a different side of the military experience and are sure to change your perspective.

1. The 2nd Engineer Battalion burn their unit colors to commemorate the Korean War’s Battle of Kunu-Ri and remember those captured and killed.

(Photo: DVIDS, Sgt. Brandon Hubbard)

2. Two Army Reserve captains surprise a ten-year-old admirer.

(Photo: DVIDS)

3. A member of the 7th Fleet Band jams with the Royal Brunei Navy and Royal Brunei Armed Forces Band.

(Photo: DVIDS)

4. A sailor embraces a Spanish female monk after a community relations project.

(Photo: U.S. Marine Corps, Sgt. Jessika Braden)

5. A Marine Corps female engagement team play with Romanian children in an effort to enhance military and civilian relationships.

(Photo: U.S. Marine Corps photo, Cpl. Kyle C. Talbot)

6. The Marine Band performs during the Surprise Serenade at the Home of the Commandants on New Years Day.

(Photo: U.S. Marine Corps photo, Cpl. Samantha K. Braun)

7. Nerf warfare breaks out in Italy between Marines and more than 100 children.

(Photo: DVIDS)

8. Recruits on Parris Island receive chemical and biological warfare training.

(Photo: DVIDS, Lance Cpl. David Bessey)

9. A female linguist teaches the Arabic alphabet to Afghan children.

(Photo: DVIDS)

10. A hospital corpsman patrols holding an Afghan child.

(Photo: DVIDS)