Courage, Courage, Courage!  That is a large part of being a military spouse; after all, being able to move as much as we do takes courage and lots of it.  Moving, settling in, finding the perfect job, then oh time to move again.  Here we go, moving, settling in, and finding the not so perfect job, bummer. Ya! Time to move again, maybe this time I can find the perfect job (again).  But really, how many of those perfect jobs actually come along?  Have you ever had that thought?  Of course you have, we all have.  But why do we need to keep searching for that perfect job when you can create your own! Yes your OWN!  After all Courage is our middle name.  So dig down deep, put your big girl pants on and start your own thing!

When I started my own business I thought, “What am I doing!” but with encouragement, lots of research and yes courage, I succeed and now have two growing businesses.  My pride and joy is Your Yeoman, a support service for deployed service members.  Not only do I help the service members we all love, but I employee military spouses that can work from anywhere.  To me it does not get any better then that!  When I created my business model I made sure you could work from home and anywhere you are stationed, if you have kids or have some high maintenance four legged kids you can work around there schedules.  To me this is a dream job/business and I helped create that.

Lori Clinton, Owner of Your Yeoman

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