Here’s how the military celebrates New Year’s around the world

New Year’s celebrations wait for no deployment or separation. The steady march of time brings the next year, whether we’re ready for it or not. And with so many things, the military is ready for it. From karaoke to galas to parties, the military knows how to ring in the new year with style.

1. They rock out with USO tours that visit during deployment.

(Photo: DVIDS, Lance Cpl. Kasey Peacock)

2.They enjoy games with civilians as they ring in the new year.

(Photo: DVIDS, Capt. Andrew Cochran)

3. They sing karaoke on board destroyers.

(Photo: DVIDS, Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Eric Coffer)

4. They dance in places many Americans don’t know exist.

(Photo: DVIDS, Senior Airman George Goslin)

5. They have front-row seats to fireworks displays.

(Photo: DVIDS, Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jacob I. Allison)

6. They get snazzy and enjoy a gala with their partners.

(Photo: DVIDS, Cpl. John-Paul Imbody)

7. Or they dress up and head to a command party.

(Photo: DVIDS)

8.They blow off some steam.

(Photo: DVIDS, Sgt. David N. Beckstrom)

9.They keep the watch.

(Photo: DVIDS, Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Chris Cavagnaro)