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As a military spouse and mom, I have also been affected by the new MetLife dental care plan for military families.  MetLife is now the insurance carrier replacing United Concordia.  However – this IS NOT an automatic rollover program.  Your dentist must approve and/or accept the new MetLife coverage.  I contacted both my pediatric dentist, Dr. Collins and associates in Annapolis, Maryland and my dentist, Dr. Samson of The Russell Doyle Samson practice in Annapolis.  Both dental practices are committed to their military families and are leading the charge with helping military families with this unexpected change.  Below is an example of the letter Dr. Collins has written for her patients.  We encourage you to call your dental office to see if they are accepting the new MetLife coverage and if they would consider working with you on this issue.  Please feel free to share in comments your experience with this issue and if you have a dentist in your area that is willing to work with you as a military family.

From Dr. Collins and Associates:

We are very thankful to our military for what they do for us and our country. We have always had a commitment to support their dependents dental health needs. Since our office opened in 1990, we have participated with the military’s dental insurance. The recent switch to MetLife Insurance has created a challenge for our office. We want to help our military by joining a discounted insurance plan that would solely target their dependents. However, at this time MetLife will not allow us to join them for the military plan only. Until this is clarified the following is our plan to help our military directly.

Preventative Care (i.e. cleanings-every 6mos and 1 day, x-rays, sealants on permanent molars only 6/12 yr molars, fluoride, exams:

  • We will submit to your insurance and wait for payment from MetLife; you will not be responsible for any additional charges.
  • Sealants or fluoride not covered by insurance are the responsibility of the parent.

Restorative Treatment:

  • We will submit to MetLife and wait for payment. The parent will be responsible for the co-insurance between Metlife’s fee and what Metlife pays us.
  • After we receive payment from Metlife, as a courtesy, Dr. Collins will adjust our fee to match Metlife’s fee per Explanation of Benefits (EOB).
  • Any treatment not covered by Metlife or if maximum has been met, will be the responsibility of the parent.
  • We can do a pre-authorization to your insurance company, if desired.

Please feel free to call MetLife to see if and when they will allow Specialists, such as our office, to participate with the Military only.


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