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MetLife is proud to offer the TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) to active duty family members and National Guard and Reserve members and their families. Take advantage of the cost effective dental coverage and convenience of having access to over 190,000 MetLife network locations. Learn more about the benefits of the TDP so you can be better prepared for the unexpected.

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MetLife’s dentist network is referred to as the MetLife Preferred Dentist Program (PDP) which is also a DPPO or (Dental Preferred Provider Organization). You can visit any licensed and authorized dentist you choose but visiting a Network dentist (also known as a PDP Dentist), can save you time, money, and paperwork.

For more information view the TRICARE Dental Program Benefit Booklet

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CONUS : 855-638-8371
OCONUS : 855-638-8372


P.O. Box 14181
Lexington, KY 40512

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Answers to your questions about MetLife TDP:



Who is eligible?

  • Family members of active duty uniformed services personnel
  • Family members of National Guard and Reserve members
  • National Guard and Reserve members who are not on active duty

Why should I consider enrolling in the TDP?

Enrolling in the TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) helps you access dental care while saving money. Your potential savings are driven by two important factors: The Government pays 60% of the premiums for Active Duty Family Members and National Guard/Reserve Members. The TDP provides you access to network dentists who offer discounts off their normal rates. This could reduce your out of pocket costs (i.e. cost shares).

Other reasons include:

  • Receive cost-effective monthly premiums
  • No annual deductible
  • Coverage for important and potentially costly dental care such as sealants, restorations,endodontics, periodontics, implants, and orthodontics
  • No out-of-pocket costs for preventive and diagnostic care when visiting one of more than 190,000 locations in the MetLife Preferred Dentist Program (PDP) Worldwide coverage
  • Coverage for family members when the sponsor’s status changes to active duty
  • MetLife PDP dentists complete the Active Duty/Reserve Forces Dental Examination Form (DD Form 2813).
  • Accidental Annual Maximum Benefit – In addition to the annual maximum, there is a $1,200 accidental annual maximum per enrollee.

How much does it cost?

Monthly premium rates are based on the sponsor’s military status (active duty, Selected Reserve or Individual Ready Reserve [IRR]) and type of enrollment.  Visit to see the current rates.

How do I enroll?

Can I use any dentist?

Yes.  You may visit any dentist of your choosing however, you will receive lower out-of-pocket costs by visiting a dentist who participates in MetLife’s Network or Preferred Dentist Program (PDP).  MetLife has over 190,000 dentist office locations in their network. This represents roughly 60% of all available offices in the country which means the vast majority of TRICARE beneficiaries will have convenient access to a network dentist.  If however, a beneficiary’s dentist is not in MetLife’s network, the beneficiary can certainly continue to use the same dentist.  However, beneficiaries should be aware that using a network dentist can help minimize out of pocket costs.

How do I find a dentist?

On MetLife’s website you can search for Dental PPO dentists. The online directory is updated weekly and will indicate if the dentist is accepting new patients. When calling for any dentist appointment, be sure to ask if the dentist who will be treating you participates in the MetLife Preferred Dentist Provider (PDP) Network.
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How do I access information about  MetLife TDP online?

Visit the MetLife TDP website or follow Metlife TDP on Facebook:

Are Orthodontics covered?

The orthodontic lifetime maximum is $1,750. Orthodontic treatment in-process will be considered.  Any orthodontic benefits used with UCCI will carry over to MetLife and apply to the lifetime maximum on the TDP plan.  Example:  If you used $1000 while covered by UCCI you would have $750 available on the MetLife plan.  Orthodontic treatment is available for family members (non-spouse) up to, but not including, 21 years of age or if a full time student up to, but not including 23 years of age.  Spouses are covered for orthodontic benefits up to, but not including 23 years of age.  For orthodontic services, beneficiaries in all OCONUS locations are required to have a Non-Availability and Referral Form (NARF) issued by the TRICARE Area Office (TAO), Overseas uniformed services Dental Treatment Facility (ODTF), or designated OCONUS Points of Contact (POCs).

Are dental implants, sealants or white fillings covered?

Yes.  Dental implants are covered at a 50% cost share.  Sealants are covered at a 20% cost share.  White fillings are covered at a 20% cost share.

At what ages are children covered?

You may enroll your child at any age.  At the sponsor’s discretion, you may enroll a child before they are age 4.  After age 4, if there is an existing family plan in effect, children will be automatically enrolled on the first day of the month following the month in which they reach age 4.

Children are covered until up to age 21 if not married, or 23 if they are a full time student.

How do I submit a claim?

  • CONUS:
    • Fax: 1-855-763-1333
    • Mail: P.O. Box 14181, Lexington, KY 40512.


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    1. Hello Mr. Graham – thank you for reaching out to MilitaryOneClick . You will need to file your claim directly with MetLife at the link and/r fax number listed just above the comments section under, “How do I file a claim?” Thank you – MilitaryOneClick Team

  1. I have a claim that needs to be paid had other dental insurance and i dont anymore dued to pcs to germany. i took care of this with tricare before leaving the states however i have tried to call from germany to talk to someone iam just tired of trying i cant get through

  2. my wife is getting some dental work done. one of her teeth has a cavity and it is gettng worked on today. the procedure to drill out the old filling and cure the cavity and as well a replacing the filling with white filling has a copay of 104.80. why is it so much.

    1. Hi Andy,
      Restorative procedures are 80% covered, so the amount you are being charge is most likely 20% of the total cost for the procedure. You can verify this with your dentist, or by contacting MetLife at 855-638-8371.
      Thanks, Kate

  3. Are active duty military families covered under MetLife PDP Plus? I have researched and it is clear that coverage is provided under MetLife PDP network however no mention of PDP Plus.

    1. Hello Tim,

      I can not answer your question with complete certainty. You can try to get your question answered by calling the MetLife number 855-638-8371.


  4. Just curious if when the new year starts? So if my daughter has met her maximum amount for the year when does the new year start?

  5. Are Invisalign braces covered? My son needs braces but refuses to get them because he doesn’t want a mouth full of uncomfortable metal.

    1. Hello Mary,

      I am quite certain that MetLife TDP does NOT cover Invisalign. To be sure, please contact MetLife at 1-855-638-8371 (CONUS) or 1-855-638-8372 (OCONUS).

      Thank you,

      1. Invisalign is considered to be a form of orthodontic treatment, and therefore Metlife will pay the same benefit as they would for traditional braces. Out of pocket costs may vary depending upon the provider you chose to use.

    1. Hello Michael,
      We are not MetLife. We are a website that tries to help our community get the information they need. To submit a claim, please contact MetLife,

      CONUS: Fax: 1-855-763-1333
      Mail: P.O. Box 14181, Lexington, KY 40512.

      OCONUS: E-mail:
      Fax: 1-855-763-1334
      Mail: P.O. Box 14182, Lexington, KY 40512.

      Thank you,

    1. Hello Sarah,

      I am not sure where to find their forms. Please contact MetLife at 1-855-638-8371 (CONUS) or 1-855-638-8372 (OCONUS).


  6. I am in the Select Reserves. I currently have dental insurance through my civilian employer. This is my Prime Dental Insurer. If I were to pick up the Metlife Tricare as a secondary plan…will I be able to utilize the ‘orthodontic lifetime maximum of $1,750′ coverage, in addition to, my current plan’s orthodontic coverage? In essence, I would like to combine the coverage amounts.

    Thank You

  7. Can Metlife please stop requiring us to give our SSN to these civilian dental facilities for our dependents! Even DOD doesn’t print SSN on our ID cards anymore. We now have ID card numbers and benefits numbers, it would be much safer to use those

  8. I have had nothing but problems with MetLife Dental coverage. I have filed three times the same complaint since Feb 13 and it has still not been paid. I have explained to a customer services rep that I no longer have BC/BS coverage (never had dental) since 1 Jan 13, but they still reject the claim because they think that I still have the coverage. The customer service rep told he he would take care of it more than two months ago, but the claim is still unsettled.

    1. I have the same problem. I have been trying to get a claim paid since November 2013 and MetLife keeps denying it. We also had BC/BS after getting MetLife and no longer have it. I sent all documents requested to Metlife, but they still refuse to pay and they are Primary. I have called customer services so many times I’ve lost count. Consumers have a right to have more than one insurance if they so chose to purchase more and if Metlife is still their Primary dental plan, they are required to still pay regardless. I am VERY upset and disappointed with MetLife. They are scamming Active Duty military service members and their families and plan to escalate my complaint.

  9. When Metlife first took over, there was no online payment option. Has that since been changed or is it only via mail or phone to make payments?

    1. Hello Samantha,

      I am guessing you have taken care of this already, but just in case you haven’t gotten an answer, you can call MetLife in CONUS : 855-638-8371 or
      OCONUS : 855-638-8372.

      Have a great day,

  10. Hello, we proceeded in AR in april, I’m currently 26 weeks pregnant and in a lot of pain from my already done root canals(2 years ago). I might even have infection, Used the search engine for endodonstist it says there are none here. What do I do? I don’t have money to pay for dentist? Help!

    1. Hello Bani,

      I am so sorry you are in pain and struggling to find a provider. Thank you for reaching out to MilitaryOneClick. My suggestion would be to call MetLife at 855-638-8371 and ask them for help.

      Hope you feel better soon,

  11. I am requesting a copy of the MetLife Dental claim filing form in order to correct a denial of coverage. Please send the requisite form to my email address noted above. Thank you.

  12. Good Day,

    I am Irene Johnson, wife of Ssgt Jamaine Johnson of USMC, I just want to request to change my mail address. It will be Gen. Madrid Wescom Rd, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines 5300. Hope you can action my request. Thank you.


    Irene Johnson

    1. Good morning Irene,

      We are not MetLife. We are a website that tries to help our community get the information they need. To submit a claim, please contact MetLife,

      CONUS: Fax: 1-855-763-1333
      Mail: P.O. Box 14181, Lexington, KY 40512.

      OCONUS: E-mail:
      Fax: 1-855-763-1334
      Mail: P.O. Box 14182, Lexington, KY 40512.

      Thank you,
      – See more at:
      – See more at:

  13. The Start of Your Dental Coverage

    When you make your request to enroll in the TRICARE Dental Program, MetLife will confirm your eligibility with DEERS. Once that’s completed, the date your coverage will begin depends on when MetLife receives your initial premium payment.

    If they receive your premium payment before the 20th of the month, your coverage will begin on the first day of the following month. If your payment is received after the 20th of the month, your coverage will begin on the first day of the second month following the receipt of your initial premium payment. For example, if your payment was received on July 15, your coverage would begin on August 1. However, if your initial premium payment was received on July 23, your coverage would go into effect on September 1.

    Once your coverage begins, you’ll receive a TRICARE Dental Program ID card in the mail along with a comprehensive program benefits book.

    1. Hello Scott,

      We are not MetLife. We are a website that tries to help our community get the information they need. To submit a claim, please contact MetLife,

      CONUS: Fax: 1-855-763-1333
      Mail: P.O. Box 14181, Lexington, KY 40512.

      OCONUS: E-mail:
      Fax: 1-855-763-1334
      Mail: P.O. Box 14182, Lexington, KY 40512.

      Thank you,

  14. Am I correct in assuming a PDP dentist cannot bill you for the difference (contractual write off) on preventative care when it’s covered 100% by the insurance.

    If that is correct who do I contact to let them know this dental office is billing me?

    1. Hello Brandi,

      That is exactly how I understand it should work. Please call MetLife to be sure your provider is in network. CONUS 855-638-8371/OCONUS 855-638-8372.

      Have a good night,

  15. I am an activated reservist serving in Afghanistan. Once activated, should I still be paying for dental service for my family? I thought this was covered. Please let me know. Thank you!

    1. Hello Paul,

      I can not be certain, but I do not think your family is covered. Check your LES. It should show whether or not your pay is being docked each month. You can also contact MetLife for any other questions, OCONUS 855-638-8372 or CONUS 855-638-8371.

      Stay safe,

  16. I think my child’s dentist is charging the outside network prices how do I report this? I hate when people try to charge extra to sneak one by the insurance folks!

    1. Hello Chris,
      I sure hope that isn’t the case. I would say your best bet would be to contact MetLife and go over your EOB with them. They can be reached CONUS : 855-638-8371 or OCONUS : 855-638-8372.
      Have a great day,

  17. My wife is active duty but soon to retire. My daughter has braces and and we were told that the payments for them will stop even though this procedure has been going on for about a year. We paid our costs in total at the time of starting the braces and yet Met-Life only pays small amounts per quarter. How is this an equitable exchange? When my wife retires there will still be an amount that needs to be covered by Met-Life but we are told it will stop. Yes, I know we can buy your insurance upon retirement but the cost would be close to what the remainder is. We paid in full, why won’t Met-Life?

  18. My wife has not had her wisdom teeth removed. They are impacted and causing her lots of pain. Does Metlife cover this? I heard in some cases tricare health insurance might cover it instead of dental. Thank you for your time!

    1. Hello Phillip,

      I am so sorry to hear your wife is in pain and hoping you have gotten the answers you need. I can not answer your question with complete certainty. Please see the MetLife Dental Program Benefit Book, or call Metlife at CONUS 1-855-MET-TDP1 (1-855-638-8371)
      OCONUS 1-855-MET-TDP2 (1-855-638-8372). Also, you could call Tricare. It just may be considered medical and not dental.

      I hope your wife gets some relief soon,

  19. will Metlife Military Dental pay in a hosptial setting if the doctor cannot perform the necessary procedure in his/her office. Also, do we bill Metlife or Tricare?

  20. I have to have a root cannal procedure and have been informed that I must pay $1204.00 is the out of pocket cost I must pay after my insurance. Why is it so high? Is there anything that can be done if a procedure goes over the $1300 max? Does being a diabetic patient change anything/increase amount?

    1. Hello Denise,

      That does seem high. I had a root canal done a few years back and didn’t have to pay that much out of pocket. I am not able to answer your question directly, but hopefully I can point you in the right direction. You can reach MetLife at CONUS : 855-638-8371
      OCONUS : 855-638-8372 and/or read the benefits handbook here, You can also call Tricare,, to ask about being a diabetic patient.

      I hope this helps.

      Good luck,

  21. My question is.. my husband is active duty and i heard spouses over 23 dont qualify for ortho coverage. Is there a plan where we can pay for ortho coverage? Hope this makes sense.

  22. I have been trying to print/request my Dental ID card, with no luck. I have tried it on a few computers, and I am not sure why it’s not working.

  23. I have been trying to print my dental ID card, with no luck. I have tried more than one computer, and I can’t figure out why it isn’t working.

  24. Hello-
    I am a military spouse (over the age of 23). I am needing to have orthognathic (sp?) surgery on my jaw. Part of this process is orthodontic work. I have minimal coverage through my full time work and was looking to supplement that coverage with the MetLife Dental benefits offered. However, in reading the coverage for orthodontic it sounds as if only children under the age of 23 are covered as it relates to orthodontic coverage. Is this true in all cases or are exceptions made on this based on the severity of a condition and treatment necessary?
    Please advise.

    1. Hey Kate,

      It sounds to me that your procedure is more surgical in nature and not so much orthodontic. You may have some coverage. Please ask your dentist or call MetLife at CONUS : 855-638-8371 or OCONUS : 855-638-8372. They should be able to answer your questions.

      Good luck with your procedure!

    1. Hello Daniel,

      I do not have the answer to your question. Might I suggest you call MetLife at 1-855-638-8371 (CONUS), 1-855-638-8372 (OCONUS), 1-855-638-8373 (TDD/TDY hearing impaired).

      Thank you,

  25. My children are covered by their active duty father and I was just informed by him today that the dental insurance changed to Met. When I call the number 1-855-638-8371 and press the number to speak to a customer service rep I am immediately disconnected. This has happened several times now. I am just trying to get the new cards so that I can turn a copy in to their dentist that they saw in December. The claim is over 30 days now.

    1. Hi Dana,

      I am so sorry you are having problems with MetLife’s phone line. You do have the correct number. If you continue to have problems, I would suggest asking your dentist’s office to help you. A lot of times the provider will have better luck getting through.

      Thank you,

  26. Curious, when does one file a claim if the amount is being paid out of pocket for a procedure?
    How much is covered per dependant for cleaning/examination per year? Because, one should have their teeth checked semi-annually.
    And does the amount coverage for each dependant reset after that year? Thanks!

    1. Hello Levi,

      I do believe your dependents are eligible for two cleanings and exams per year. These should be completely covered. I am not able to answer your claim question. Please confirm my information in regard to your cleaning question and get the answer to your claim question by calling MetLife at 1-855-638-8371 (CONUS), 1-855-638-8372 (OCONUS), 1-855-638-8373 (TDD/TDY hearing impaired) – See more at:

      I hope this helps,

  27. How do I go about scheduling an appointment for an in network dentist? This is my first time using the TDP and I was wondering what is the process like? I already know how to look up in network dentists on the site however so, my question is do I just call a dentist I have selected and schedule and appointment or do I need to have them be designated as my dentist prior to going?

    Best Regards,

    1. Hello Kaeann,

      As long as you are in DEERS, your sponsor has signed you up for dental benefits, and you have found an “in network” dentist, you can just pick up the phone and make your appointment. If you have any further questions, please call METLIFE at CONUS : 855-638-8371 OCONUS : 855-638-8372.

      Have a great day,

  28. Hi,

    Who would I contact if I’ve forgotten my login information for MetLife Dental (for military dependents)? I’ve tried the ‘forgot user name/password’ option and when I enter my information, it will only allow me to enter 8 digits for the s.s. #. I had this same problem over a year ago. It would be helpful if this could be addressed on the MetLife website.

    1. Hello Jessica,

      What a pain in the hiney! I am sorry you are struggling. I will see if one of my team members can connect with MetLife and let them know this is a problem. My suggestion would be to call them directly, CONUS : 855-638-8371 OCONUS: 855-638-8372.

      Thanks for writing.

      Have a fabulous day,

  29. Good afternoon, DFAS and MetLife have finally fixed the issue of tricare dental payroll allotments terminating for Active/Guard Reserve (AGR) Soldiers. For the AGR Soldiers whos payroll allotments have terminated and who have been making ‘manual’ payments, what do they need to do to start the payroll allotment? In addition, will this process then be the same for my AGR Soldiers who have enrolled their family members and are currenlty being billed instead of the ‘automatic’ payroll allotments? Any assistance you can provide is appreciated.

    1. Hi Christina,

      We here at MilitaryOneClick can not answer your specific questions. I am so sorry. I sure wish I could. I know how difficult it is to get through to anyone. I can only direct you to MetLife via phone, CONUS : 855-638-8371 OCONUS : 855-638-8372 or visit their website I will see if I can find anything else out for you.

      Thanks for reaching out,

    2. Hello again Christina,

      I asked a service members and these were his thoughts. PSD handles allotments. Each command should have a CPC, Command Pass Coordinator. The CPC is a liaison to PSD. Maybe that will be more helpful than trying to contact MetLife.

      Have a great night,

  30. I am desperately trying to contact a human being who can explain why claims for dental work which were submitted on 12/26/2013 for services rendered on 12/12/2013, are not being collected and processed. I’ve called three different contact numbers all of which cut me off when the opportunity to speak with a live rep is about to presents itself. I owe over 500$ in dental fees until I figure out why MetLife is not covering their portion for the dental work I had done. Someone please help me, I need to speak with a human being who can give me an explanation.

    1. Hello Geneah,

      I so wish I could help you! Unfortunately, the only insight I have is to pass on the phone numbers and website of MetLife,
      CONUS: 1-855-638-8371
      OCONUS: 1-855-638-8372
      TDD/TTY: 1-855-638-8373
      I hope this helps. Again, I am so sorry your are frustrated! I know how it feels. I waited on hold for 45 minutes to get my son an appointment on base last week. It is all uncalled for if you ask me!

      Have a nice afternoon,

  31. Hello, I was wondering how quickly the insurance goes into effect. For instance, if I enrolled today, March 12, when would I be covered to go to the dentist?

    1. Hello Nicholas,

      They really shouldn’t need an insurance card. I never show a card to my dentist. They know I am active duty dependent. As long as they have my sponsor’s social security number and know that I am covered through MetLife, they can figure it out from there. If that isn’t enough, please contact MetLife
      CONUS 1-855-MET-TDP1 (1-855-638-8371)
      OCONUS 1-855-MET-TDP2 (1-855-638-8372)
      MetLife TDD/TTY Service for the Hearing Impaired 1-855-MET-TDP3 (1-855-638-8373)
      – See more at:

      I hope this helps,

  32. Background:
    I have a child with special needs. He has structural deformities in his mouth which have led to a two phased approach to orthodontics being recommended. He has completed phase 1 and is ready for phase 2. I understand the orthodontics policy but wanted an exception to policy considered in this case. I have a letter from his first orthodontist highlighting the specific issues and a letter from his second orthodontist recommending the same 2 phased approach (we recently PCS’d from California to Virginia thus the two separate orthodontists).

    How do I submit a package requesting an exception to policy?
    What is paperwork is required in order for this to be considered?

    1. Hey Kevin,

      Wow, I sure wish I could answer your questions and I hope with all my heart that Tricare will consider your case! Do you have an EFMP liason on base? He or she may be able to help. Also, please see this page at Military 1 Source, It looks like they have lots of information there. Hang in there and don’t give up. I always feel like if you fight long and hard enough, you will get the proper results.

      Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.


  33. Metlife is literally the worst care I’ve ever had. Their associates are rude, their coverage is garbage compared to the coverage we got for the same price with United Concordia, and I’m going to be out over $1600 when all is said and done because they don’t want to cover much of anything. Completely ridiculous. I hope the military decides to change contractors again soon, because $1600 is a lot of money for us broke enlisted families.

    1. Hey Lizzy,

      I am so sorry you are having so much trouble with MetLife. I know your feelings are being shared by others. I will keep my fingers crossed things change for the better.


  34. Tricare has as of last year changed dental providers and we are now covered by Met Life. After the change for some reason auto pay was not carried over. In Jul of 2013 we discovered the error, brought the account current and requested auto pay moving forward. This did not happen so in Sep 2013 we caught up what was in arrear and set up auto pay. Again nothing was resolved. In March of 2014 I canceled Met Life completely as they are incompetent and should be investigated by the Inspector General’s office. This month money was deducted from my account. I cannot for the life of me figure out how a company this incompetent can hold a government contract. I would really like someone from outside to tell me where and what my money was used on and how I could never seem to get anything straight with these people. Even after I cancel they are still screwing up.

  35. I need to get a partial for some missing teeth. We are stationed in Germany and I had received a dental newsletter a awhile ago that said partials and dentures were covered while oconus. I’ve tried finding the same info online but I can only seems to find things about implants. Can anyone tell me if partials are covered while overseas?

  36. If I have to make a 3 hour round trip to see an endodontist since it’s the closest one to me under your network of providers, is there any reimbursement available for travel expenses like there is when medical appointments have to made so far away from your home?

    1. Good morning M Haner,

      Well, I sure hope so. However, I can’t answer your question. I am sorry. I can only suggest that you contact Tricare, and/or MetLife, CONUS : 855-638-8371, OCONUS : 855-638-8372.

      I hope this helps,

  37. I am really disappointed with Met dental. After the rate went through the roof, I told them I wanted to cancel at the end of the year. They did that, but apparently they were not getting my payments (not my choice, that is DFAS) so they went back to the months of missing payments and now are trying to Bill me for the overpayments now. Really a nice little trick on their part. But I have proof I paid my premiums, whether or not they received them is between them and the USG.

    So, other than filing an insurance complaint, writing to my Congressman, can I do. I am not paying it because I have proof I paid the premium for the months they say are either not covered or my dentist received an overpayment. And if they did overpay, wouldn’t they want the money back from the provider? Isn’t that between them? This really sucks and I now know why people say Concordia was awful but Met lid is worse. The whole thing stinks.

  38. Hello,

    I had metlife but was automatically terminated after I think a year. I was unaware of this and now have a filling that fell out and am in a great deal of pain. How long after enrolling again can I see a dentist? Why was my enrollment terminated?

    Thank you,

    Katey Hurd

    1. Hello Katey,

      I sure wish I could help you. I don’t have the answers to your questions. I can only direct you to call MetLife to find out what on earth happened. They can be reached CONUS : 855-638-8371 or OCONUS : 855-638-8372.

      I hope you feel better soon,

  39. The Met Life dental program has not worked well for me and my family. The premiums are higher than normal plans for the same amount of coverage.

    1. Hello Danielle,

      The orthodontic lifetime maximum is $1,750. Orthodontic treatment in-process will be considered. Any orthodontic benefits used with UCCI will carry over to MetLife and apply to the lifetime maximum on the TDP plan. Example: If you used $1000 while covered by UCCI you would have $750 available on the MetLife plan. Orthodontic treatment is available for family members (non-spouse) up to, but not including, 21 years of age or if a full time student up to, but not including 23 years of age. Spouses are covered for orthodontic benefits up to, but not including 23 years of age. For orthodontic services, beneficiaries in all OCONUS locations are required to have a Non-Availability and Referral Form (NARF) issued by the TRICARE Area Office (TAO), Overseas uniformed services Dental Treatment Facility (ODTF), or designated OCONUS Points of Contact (POCs). – See more at:

      I hope this helps,

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  41. I’ve been trying to submit via the fax above a claim questionnaire all morning. Is the fax not working?

  42. How are you doing? I can’t find the information online but hypothetically (of course), if I were to cancel my TDP coverage this month after having it over 12 months, then reenroll next moth, will that reset my yearly limit? For example, If I maxed out my coverage, is it possible to reenroll rather than wait until May for my maximum yearly payout to reset?

    1. Hey Steve,

      Unfortunately, I can’t answer your question. We are not MetLife. I can however give you the appropriate contacts. CONUS 1-855-MET-TDP1 (1-855-638-8371)
      OCONUS 1-855-MET-TDP2 (1-855-638-8372); MetLife TDD/TTY Service for the Hearing Impaired 1-855-MET-TDP3 (1-855-638-8373).

      I hope this helps,

  43. I have been through the ringer with Metlife! I had no problems with Concordia. Everything ran like clockwork! Anyway, if you care to read my rant, be my guest. If not, it’s okay because it felt great getting it out! And this was as brief as I could make all that I have been through.

    Jan 2013: I was told I was paid up til March. Okay, great. In Mar, only part of the payment was taken. Okay, didn’t think anything of it. April, no deduct so I called. Was told I had over payment and a credit was applied to acct so no payment was due til May. Called in May because deduct not made and was told I DID owe for April so had to pay for April and May. Also had to get RFT RE-established. Huh? Anyway, in June, payment not taken so I called and was told paperwork in order but don’t know why payments not coming out. So in July, had to pay for June and July and was told all should be fine for Aug. Aug-Success! FINALLY!

    2014: In Jan I was told I had refund for over payment. Never got check so they did a stop on it and issued new one in Feb. All went well until Aug. Deduct not taken so called Metlife. Was told I was paid up til Oct. Okay (can’t believe I forgot about last year’s drama but even if I’d remembered, hey, the gov switched to these folks so maybe they are better and I need to give them benefit of doubt). Wrong! Oct-Only $15.03 was debited instead of full amount. Nov.-Received letter stating that I would be charged additional $29.60 (remember refund I received back in Feb?) on top of reg premium deduct. I called and was told they didn’t know why and request would be put to billing and I WOULD NOT be charged additional $29.60. Guess what? I was charged over $100 and now my budget is off! Called again to ask why this happened and was told: 1) I should’ve been told that the additional $29.60 wouldn’t be taken out of my checking acct, 2) they didn’t know why I received a refund in Feb and then get charged that same amount now, and 3) I do owe for Aug and Sept (remember I was told I was paid up til Oct), etc. I wound up speaking to a very understand and caring Super who is trying to get to bottom of this (I hope anyway). From what I was told this happens often… the accounting/billing computer system has a mind of it’s own–sending out refund checks, debiting accts for whatever amounts it wants to, noting on accts that they are paid up til??, etc.

    I don’t normally spend 10 minutes typing emails to complain. I am a company/person complimenter NOT complainer even when complaints are deserved BUT I am so fed up. Metlife is a MESS and I an so tired of dealing with them. The errors, ignorance, and money this is costing me has upset me to no end. I don’t know who decided to go to Metlife but it was a big mistake and those people who made the decision obviously don’t care about us but only the bottom line. Was Metlife cheaper? Had to be because the quality of service is sub par. My family and I need to seriously consider looking at other dental options.

    1. Hey Kira,

      I am so sorry for your frustration, but I sure am glad we could provide a platform for a little therapy :)! I will see what I can do to get your story into the hands of the people who need to hear this the most.

      Have a fabulous day!

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