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The Navy Mom
Kayla R.

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  1. The destination for military moms to find things to do and businesses to visit in their town.
  2. The Navy Mom Television Show and Welcome eGuide sponsorships available in Jacksonville, San Diego, Monterey, and Norfolk. (Broadcast Television)
  3. Sponsored Posts, Business Profiles, Interviews, Product Placement, Sponsored Television Commercials, Facebook Ads, and Television Features and Interviews available.

Soldier’s Wife, Crazy Life
Julie P.

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  1. I can write blog posts for your site on anything from Military issues, parenting, blogging, making money online, special needs, photography, families.
  2. Social media- I am active on twitter and have 6,000+ followers on my account and tweet regularly.
  3. I can do product reviews/sponsored posts on my own site. I get about 2,500-3000 pageviews a month right now.

My Military Savings
Bobbi P.

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  1. Deals, discounts, and more!
  2. We cover everything from PCSing to motherhood.
  3. Our service is FREE and open to all military families, retired, active duty, and reserve.

The Military Guide

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  1. Financial independence for servicemembers, veterans, and their families.
  2. Budgeting, saving, and investing.
  3. Making the transition from the military to a bridge career (optional) and retirement.

Jo, My Gosh!

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  1. Military spouse and family focused.
  2. PR, media, sponsorship, and ambassadorship friendly.
  3. Rapidly growing, popular blog with a new ebook out.

Patricia’s Daughter
Erin B.

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  1. Military Life
  2. Parenting
  3. Product Reviews

GreenMtnGirl’s Blog
Kara R.

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  1. Target audience: Military Significant Others, particuarly those interested in Eco-friendly living.
  2. Topics: Military Life & tips/information, general life, Vermont, eco-friendly living/tips
  3. Continous, regular growth month over month in site traffic and social media followings. September’s traffic grew by over 50% over August’s!

Tutoring in Military Land

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  1. Educational resources for the military community.
  2. EdTech – integrating apps and resources for education with tutoring best practices.
  3. Small business management and entrepreneurship.

Bella Home Staging

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  1. Quick decorating tips for military moms/busy families and design inspirations
  2. Happiness! I write about it.
  3. My crazy life as a military spouse and mom.

Finding Joy in Everyday
Hope G.

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  1. Finding Joy in motherhood, military life, and ministry.
  2. Book reviews.
  3. Sponsored contests.


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  1. USMC Life is proud to be on the largest non DoD websites, reaching over 1+ million per year. Our social media following reaches over 1.6+ million per month.
  2. We are a known military influencer with an audience comprised of 65% male (mostly veteran) and 35% female (mostly military spouse) in the Marine Corps community.
  3. We specialize in advertising and PR opportunities through social media, website, giveaways, and more.

The Direction Diva

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  1. Motivational Speaker, Military Lifestyle Blogger, Author & Advocate helping military families navigate the challenges of military life.
  2. Author of Right Side Up: Find Your Way When Military Life Turns You Upside Down and the essay “My Son’s Battle.”
  3. Subject matter expert available for interviews, events, consulting & keynotes on military life, spouse empowerment, as well as many of the mental/behavioral health issues affecting military families today.

Life of a Traveling Navy Wife
Heather W.

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  1. Voted 2014 Business Traveler of the Year by Business Traveler Magazine USA. Lifestyle Blogger and Corporate Event Marketing Manager
  2. Proudly Married to a US Navy Sailor
    blogging about all things life along the way
  3. I offer real‐deal sponsored posts, product and venue reviews, giveaways and Blog Ambassadorships

Cammo Style Love

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  1. Lifestyle and Military Life Blogger
  2. Focused on connecting service members and their families through my growing resource guide and Military Monday Spotlight posts
  3. Sponsored posts, Ambassador, D.C. Metro area coverage and a growing social media presence focusing on Twitter

JD Collins
A Semi-Delicate Balance
JD Collins

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  1. Lifestyle, Parenting, and Military Life Focus
  2. Available for PR, media, sponsored content, and ambassadorship
  3. 400,000+ pageviews monthly

Jennifer B.
Military Bridge
Jennifer B.

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  1. MB is an online resource for active duty, guard, reserve, retired, and veterans in providing the best Local, National, and Online Military Discounts/Deals in your military community.
  2. Follow Us on Social Media where we share information on FUN things to do in your military community, PCS help, and military resources!
  3. MB helps businesses looking to connect to the military community through grass roots marketing, social media, and ambassadorship!

Brian Richardson
Brian Richardson



  1. helps veterans and transitioning military start and grow their business using the best tools and resources on any budget.
  2. If you have wanted to start a business, the information here is a great starting point.
  3. As a fellow vet, I have started and run multiple businesses and know the pain points and hurdles that will come. Sign up for weekly updates and free resources.

The Military Wife Life

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  1. Military Spouse and Lifestyle Focus
  2. Military Life, Marriage, DIYs, Recipes, Travel, Giveaways and More
  3. Available for sponsored content, media, giveaways, product reviews, and ambassadorship

Jennifer L.
Royal Little Lambs
Jennifer L.

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  1. Community Catalyst
  2. Homeschool and Parenting Consultant
  3. Natural Health Advocate

Daddy Combat

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  1. Dedicated to military fathers and soon to be fathers
  2. Tips, tricks and funny stories related to being a military dad
  3. Product reviews of a variety of tools that will help new dads

Veteran Stories

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  1. Experienced blogger and military spouse with 19 years experience writing for magazine and websites
  2. American Small Business Champion (2015) and winner Best Venture Impacting Veterans in Citi Salutes Business Plan(2015), plus other awards with a reach of 1500 per month on average
  3. I write veterans’ stories for their families to treasure

Heather G.
Happy Fit Navy Wife
Heather G.

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  1. Focused on encouragement for military wives, especially relating to PCS relocations, deployment, homecoming, and faith
  2. Available for sponsored posts, giveaways, PR & social media, and brand ambassadorship
  3. Active & increasing presence on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter

An Aiming High Wife

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  1. My key demographic is military spouses and mommies
  2. Reach of over 10000 per month
  3. Recipes, DIY, Military Life, Mommy Life

Stacey Peters
Duffel Bag Spouse
Stacey Peters

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  1. It’s all in the bag-travel, wine and decor
  2. Lifestyle and military life blogger
  3. 20 year Army spouse, former soldier and Navy and Air Force mom


  1. I hope someone can help. Is there a regulation or just a typical standard on wearing of the uniform if two service member attend a ball. I am having trouble with my female service members saying if they go to the ball with another service member (as long as he wears his uniform) they (the female) can wear civilian clothes? Thank you!

    1. Hey Rocky,

      Great question and I don’t have the answer to it. Let me see what I can find out for you and I will get back to you.


    2. Hey Rocky,

      This question got a good buzz going at MilitaryOneClick. Here is some information…Marine Corps guidance,

      This is for Navy reservists :

      This is from a sibling of one of our employees who is military, “The consensus from my crew (all active duty females/dual military- swo, supply and swo/metoc), I have deleted the ranting (“it’s better to be pretty than honorable” and “never ever”), All military are to wear uniforms, if that is the uniform of the day/event. Apparently, this is a HUGE pet peeve to see other active (mostly females) in civilian dress. Husband almost blew a gasket on the topic- he is a uniform/regulation freak.

      Exceptions listed in the uniform regulations are for military weddings and funerals but the weddings only states brides and bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen. Uniform regulations chapter 6.

      On a side note, I have males friends (active and retired) who have come as dates, they wear their uniforms.”

      I hope this helps answer your question.

      Happy holidays,

  2. Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to know was it hard for you to find employment overseas and do you know of any website where I could start looking for employment in Japan? We will be PCS’d there in July.

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