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Sequestration is a serious issue that is currently affecting our nation, and we at MilitaryOneClick know that it really hits close to home for our military families.

We’ve collected resources from around the web, including articles from our own bloggers, to help you learn more about the budget cuts, how they may affect you and your family, and what you can do to get your voice heard on these issues.

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Protect National Guard Military Technicians from Sequestration Furloughs
posted on March 30, 2013

Currently, there are more than 52,000 Military Technicians wearing the U.S. Army and Air Force uniforms to work every day, and they represent more than half of the National Guards full-time force. While they are slated to be furloughed along with the other DoD civilians, their unique status should merit an exception. Unlike regular civilians employees, military technicians are required to be a member of the National Guard, attend weekend drills and annual training with their National Guard unit, maintain all fitness and readiness standards of their active-duty counterparts, and can be involuntarily ordered to active duty at any time. National Guard military technicians are the primary maintainers of National Guard ground equipment, airframes, equipment upgrades, and administrators of training at the unit level. Read more…

Nellis cancels ‘Aviation Nation 2013’
posted on March 26, 2013 by Nellis AFB

“Aviation Nation is a very popular event for our community, and I deeply regret our inability to host a Nellis Open House this year,” Cornish said. “However, due to the effect of the Budget Control Act of 2011 and associated sequestration, the defense budget cuts for fiscal year 2013 are approximately $46 billion by law and must be accomplished by October 2013. To meet this obligation, the U.S. Air Force has prioritized combat readiness over other activities and air shows have been cancelled as a result.” Read more…

MilitaryOneClick Reports Return of Tuition Assistance; Delay of Furlough Notices
posted on March 22, 2013

Military tuition assistance programs are off the chopping block and plans to furlough civilian government employees will wait another two weeks, as a result of legislation passed this week by Congress.
These plans came out of a spending bill passed Thursday by the U.S. House of Representatives and a similar measure passed by the Senate on Wednesday in an effort to create a short-term budget for the remainder of the 2013 spending year.” Read more…

Protests Spur Vote to Restore Military College Aid
posted on March 22, 2013 on Boston Globe

In the end, white-hot political realities got the best of automatic budget cuts — at least when it came to military education. Congress on Thursday reversed a so-called “sequestration” cut by the Pentagon, restoring most of a tuition-assistance program that provides up to $4,500 a year to active members of the military. The about-face followed a week of outrage and thousands of phone calls and complaints that inundated congressional offices. But even while the move partially appeased one constituency, it only served to highlight the crisis-driven, piecemeal approach to budget legislating in Capitol Hill’s era of fiscal gridlock and partisan dysfunction. Read more…

Americans Oppose Military Cuts 2 to 1
posted on March 13, 2013

“For all the dire warnings, most Americans welcome a five percent cut in overall federal spending this year. But the defense budget is another matter.“The public by nearly 2-1, 61-33 percent, supports cutting the overall budget along the lines of the sequester that took effect last Friday. But by nearly an identical margin, Americans in this ABC News/Washington Post poll oppose an eight percent across-the-board cut in military spending. Read more…

DOD’s Top Doctor Details Sequester’s Effect on Health System
posted on March 13, 2013 on Defense.gov

The Pentagon’s top health affairs official detailed for Congress the immediate and long-term effects of sequestration on the Defense Department’s military health care system and its medical mission.
Dr. Jonathan Woodson told the House Armed Services Committee that the spending cuts that took effect March 1 will affect patients, staff and facilities. But he emphasized that the Defense Department “cannot and will not” compromise care in the face of the cuts. Read more…

Sequestration Out: Government Shutdown the New Threat for Military Families
posted on March 11, 2013

We’ve already taken one hit – sequestration – but what’s looming around the corner could cause an even greater upset. The next shoe to drop is a potential government shutdown at the end of March—unless Congress and the President agree on how to keep funds flowing when the Continuing Resolution expires on March 27. How things are supposed to work is… Read more…

What does the sequester mean for you?
posted on March 1, 2013

Sequester. We’ve been bombarded with this word for months. As I write this, I’m watching the news, still hearing what this word means for our nation’s future. It sounds scary. As part of the Budget Control Act of 2011, more than $1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts will go into effect over the next ten years if Congress doesn’t offer an alternate solution. At least $85 billion would start this year. These cuts impact government programs across the board, from transportation to benefits. These cuts don’t necessarily mean danger for the USA — we can tighten our belts, stop money going to programs we don’t need to fund and figure out a way to deal with it. Read more…

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