10 Oscars-type mix-ups we wish would happen to milspouses

By J.G. Noll

Maybe it’s just us . . . but when we saw the Best Picture mix-up at the Oscars, we couldn’t help but think, “If only that happened in military life.”

1. “And you’ve got orders to Twenty-nine Palms!”


(“No, there’s a mistake. You’re really going to San Diego! This is not a joke.”)

2. “And your spouse is deploying for 9 months!”

(“No, there’s a mistake. It’s TAD/TDY for two days. This is not a joke.”)

3. “And your BAH was decreased!”


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Photo: Mediaite

(“No, there’s a mistake. It was actually increased. You can use the electricity again. This is not a joke.”)

4. “And the check-out line for the commissary is 45 minutes long!”

(“No, there’s a mistake. They opened another cash register and you’re first in line. This is not a joke.”)

5. “And the wait list for on-base child care is suspended!”


(“No, there’s a mistake. The CDCs now have all the funding and personnel they need. This is not a joke.”)

6. “And your leave has not been approved!”

(“No, there’s a mistake. Your leave has been approved. This is not a joke.”)

7. “And your spouse can’t find his cover anywhere!”


(“No, there’s a mistake. It’s on his head. This is not a joke.”)

8. “And you’re PCSing to a place with absolutely no friends!”

(“No, there’s a mistake. Your best friend’s spouse has orders to the same installation. This is not a joke.”)

9. “And all of the appliances broke the same week during deployment!”


(“No, there’s a mistake. They’re all working, so splurge on some pre-made cookie dough. This is not a joke.”)

10. “And you have to leave your job for the next move!”

(“No, there’s a mistake. Your job is remote and your boss is happy to have you work from home. This is not a joke.”

J.G. Noll is the Editor of Military One Click and a veteran’s spouse. She can be reached at joanna@militaryoneclick.com.